Way2inbox FAQ

Q: How do I Import my subscriber list on to the way2inbox panel

PHASE 1: Preparing the list / exporting from CRM/Database
If your subscribers are stored in a CRM/ database then you have to export the list and save it as a .CSV (Comma delimited) format. If
incase there is no option to store it as a .csv for, then export the list to excel and save it as .CSV file by following the steps below:
Export to Excel spreadsheet –› Save as –› save as type –› Select .csv –› give a file name and save
·   Keep each subscriber in a fresh row.
·  Make sure that the Email address doesn’t have beginning or trailing spaces.
·   Check the file to see if there's a typo in the email address.
Log on to way to inbox –› Mail list –› List information –› Create new list tab –› Fill in the details –› Save –› Refresh the page
Your new list would be displayed and horizontally to it would be import Subscribers. Click on the same and upload the CSV file from
its location as you upload a file on your Gmail!
Mail list–› List information –› ACTION –› Import Subscriber –› Imports contacts from file –› Browse to the location and click on
upload file –› once processed, Assign the custom fields as name against name and click on submit
Let us clean your data by scrubbing against our large pool of blacklist subscribers and invalid/ bounced subscriber and then upload
your Cleaned list.

Q How do I send a campaign using way2inbox?

At the Home Screed of Way2inbox panel, please click on “Send Emails” tab. In order to publish campaigns using Way2inbox panel is
described in 6 easy steps:
1. Compose – This section allows the User to create their campaigns by selecting Campaign Name, Subject, From Sender and
From Email id.
2. Recipients – This section enables the user to select the mailing lists for their campaigns.
3. Mail Body – This section user gets the option to design their creative and preview it at the same time.
4. Link – This section provides the feature to display the Unsubscribe link in their designed creative.
5. Actions Tab – This section enables the User to perform various actions such as Preview, Preview in mail clients, Test Mails
6. Decision Tabs – This section helps the User to schedule or publish their campaigns.

Q Can I edit my existing Subscriber file? If yes how?

Yes you can edit your existing subscriber file. In order to edit your Subscriber list, Please follow the path mentioned below:
Go to Mail List>Actions>Edit List
If you are still unable to edit your existing subscriber file, request you to please read our Way2inbox Help Document Section 3 (Fig 3.2)

Q Do I need to create separate campaign to send test mails?

No need to create separate campaigns, use the Seed Test on the campaign which you plan to send to your subscribers so that you
exactly know how the mail would behave with different ESP’s.

Q Will I be charged for performing seed test?

No there is no cost for seed test to the User.

Q By when can the seed test report be available?

The Seed test report would be available in between 15 min- 2hours time. We try and make it quick so that you may schedule your
campaign accordingly.

Q What is the apt size for a mailer creative?

Mailers with a size in range of 35-40 KB or below have better chances to open. Heavy mailers take lot of time to download and
depend on the Internet connection.

Q How much time does it take to upload a batch file of 1 million?

Just a matter of few Seconds we import your file and then you can move on to do your work. We would notify you once we are
through with cleaning the list of bounces/ Unsubscribe/ blacklist ids and uploading it.

Q Can I use dedicated IP for my mailing list?

Yes, we provide dedicated IP’s. Please contact your account manager for details.

Q Do you help us in cleaning my data base?

Yes, while you import the subscribers list we duly check the same against incomplete email addresses; blacklisted addresses;
Unsubscribe and Bouncing addresses to give you back a clean list.

Q Can I schedule multiple campaigns at the same time?

Yes, you can schedule and publish multiple campaigns at one time.

Q How much time does it take to generate reports?

It takes 20 Min to generate a first level readable report. A detailed report with clicks and opens give us 24 hours so that even your
subscribers have the time to open and go through the same.