About Us

Way2inbox comes as a latest addition to the Way2online group known as a highly innovative and emerging player in Indian Online Space. We imbibe the hands-on experience in digital area from our co- brands Way2Sms and 160by2, the largest brands in Opt-In Email Marketing in India.

way2inbox as the name suggests we have achieved over the years in ensuring that we simplify the process of sending emails, value quality over quantity and still provide best in class INBOX DELIVERY

We use our cerebral systems to follow the right practices as Opt-in lists and the laws prevailing around the Email marketing arena. Our services, technology and intelligent reports would help you to interactively deliver precisely what your end customers have desired for; without bothering them with even one single extra email.

We present to you best of the breed email retargeting and tracking technology that has no equivalent, even globally. These technologies are a result of incessant research necessitated by in-house need to deliver mail in inbox, track results and re-target users to ensure high quality of indulgence with minimal invasion in user’s privacy.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we stand for

1. Over 400 advertisers using our Email marketing services
2. We deliver over 600 Million mails a month and constantly growing.
3. Vast experience in email campaigns delivering over 12.60 Billion mails across India.
4. We are the delivery experts – More than 90% Inbox Placement (the best in the industry) with 15,000+ I.Ps

We deem ourselves as quality driven Interactions Company. We are committed to creating better engagement platforms that is cost effective and easy to use. And we do it with passion; we do it our way... the way 2 inbox!